Pleural Interventions

Venue:         Phillip Farrant Medical Education Centre (Level 1)
                  Darent Valley Hospital
                  Darenth Wood Road
                  Dartford, Kent 
                  DA2 8DA, UK


Please see at bottom for downloads of:
Chest Drain Safety Checklist &
Pleural Interactive Information Platform

"All doctors expected to be able to insert a chest drain should be trained using

a combination of didactic lecture, simulated practice and supervised practice until

considered competent"    
Pleural procedures and thoracic ultrasound: BTS pleural disease guideline 2010


Before undertaking an invasive pleural procedure, all operators should be appropriately trained and have been initially supervised by an experienced trainer. Many of the complications described in the 2008 NPSA report were the result of inadequate training or supervision.

The remit of this training day is familiarise attendees with the BTS guidelines on managing pleural effusions, pneumothorax, chest drain insertions, and the evidence base, so as develop an understanding of pleural disease and how to investigate and manage including the role of medical thoracoscopy and PleurX drains.

The practical stations will enable attendees to learn and hone their skills in inserting chest drains by both dissestion and seldinger method, into both mannequins and animal torsos (thoracotomy trainer), as well as becoem familiar with the different chest drains and kits available.   

Burhan Khan,
25 Aug 2012, 05:10
Burhan Khan,
25 Aug 2012, 05:15